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Gems of Bastet

Essence of Fire (No. 1)

Essence of Fire (No. 1)

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SIZE : 6

Gemstone: Fire Agate 

I personally craft the metal and settings by combining various precious metals. This ring's setting is created using recycled sterling silver.

Fire Agate Fire agate is believed to possess a fiery, vibrant energy that can help revitalize the spirit and boost one's physical and emotional vitality. It's thought to provide motivation and stimulate passion. Many people use fire agate as a protective stone. It is said to create a shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and harmful influences. It is often used for grounding and protecting the aura. This stone is thought to instill courage and promote inner strength. It can help individuals confront their fears and overcome challenges, making it a useful tool for personal growth and development

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Care Instructions

Please keep in mind that handmade jewelry is delicate and natural crystals can break if dropped. Some metals do darken over time if they get dirty, so I recommend wiping your jewelry with a soft cloth at the end of the day and storing in your jewelry box to keep it shiny. If you ever need to clean it, I recommend a jewelry polishing cloth on the metal and to avoid cleaning the gemstone with the cloth.

Also please take your piece off before washing hands, swimming & exercising.

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