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Gems of Bastet

Siren's Guidance

Siren's Guidance

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Necklace: 16 inch sterling silver chain

Gemstone:  Aquamarine & Black Tourmaline ( pendant is small )

personally craft the metal and settings by combining various precious metals. This necklace setting is created using recycled sterling silver.

Aquamarine has calming and soothing energy. It is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility. Holding or wearing aquamarine may help to calm the mind and bring emotional balance. It helps enhance communication skills and self-expression. It is believed to help individuals express their thoughts and emotions more clearly and effectively. This gemstone is often used by those who wish to improve their communication abilities or overcome any difficulties in expressing themselves. It is believed to open channels of spiritual communication, allowing individuals to connect with their higher selves, spirit guides, and the divine. Aquamarine can be used during meditation or spiritual practices to deepen the connection with the spiritual realm. 

Black Tourmaline creates a shield of energy around the user, deflecting and repelling all negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic smog. It absorbs and transmutes negative energies into positive ones. It can also help in clearing electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollutants. Not only that, but it also helps create a sense of energetic boundaries and protect against negative influences. This stone is known for its grounding properties. It can assist in establishing a strong connection with the Earth's energy, promoting stability, balance, and a sense of rootedness. It can be particularly beneficial for those who feel scattered, anxious, or disconnected.

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Care Instructions

Please keep in mind that handmade jewelry is delicate and natural crystals can break if dropped. Some metals do darken over time if they get dirty, so I recommend wiping your jewelry with a soft cloth at the end of the day and storing in your jewelry box to keep it shiny. If you ever need to clean it, I recommend a jewelry polishing cloth on the metal and to avoid cleaning the gemstone with the cloth.

Also please take your piece off before washing hands, swimming & exercising.

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